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A growing trend among REALTORS® is a pre-listing inspection.  A pre-listing inspection is where you have the home inspected prior to the sale to prevent surprises by the home buyer’s home inspection.


The pre-listing inspection can help avoid unpleasant surprises for either side. It allows the current home owner to be in control since they become aware of defects and can deal with concerns up front, which will result in a smoother sale. 

A property summary report presented in conjunction with a pre-listing inspection report will answer a lot of the unknowns about the condition of the home for an interested buyer. Our digital home inspection photos and covering summary letter give the prospective buyer a quick visual summary of the home prior to reading all of the detail.


We remain available to speak with the prospective buyer should they request and further explanations or input. If you are moving to a new home with in our foot print you will get $50 off the future inspection if you sign up for a pre-listing inspection.

Do not blow the sale or lose money due to "surprises."


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