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Well is that good tasting water?

Inspection of private water sources, such as a well, is beyond the scope of a home inspection.

A private water source must provide water that is potable. Wells are the most common source of individual water supplies today. A well pump must be accessible for service, repair and replacement without requiring the removal or movement of any panel, door or obstruction, and without the use of a portable ladder. When a pump and its components are in direct contact with the potable water, they must be rated for use in potable water systems, or the pump must be located so as to prevent contamination of the well. When located in a basement, the pump should be elevated. Pumps outside a dwelling must be protected from freezing.

A well must be separated from sources of contamination, such as a sewer drainage field and tank, to reduce the possibility of affecting the potability of the water supply. The ground surface around the well area should be sloped and drained positively away. Surface water should be directed away from the well, since one of the greatest threats to a well is the risk of contamination from surface drainage. The depth of the well should be at least 10 feet (3,048 mm) deep. High water tables and shallow wells are susceptible to contamination. &

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