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Get a Level 2 or 3 chimney inspection prior to buying a home

Chimney Flues

While the inspection of chimney flues is a highly specialized procedure, any obvious deficiencies in the flue should be noted. In particular, pay attention to flues that are damaged, collapsed, or show signs of previous chimney fires. Extra care must be taken when inspecting chimney systems that are being used to vent fossil-fuel appliances, such as boilers, furnaces, water heaters and manufactured fireplaces, as any deficiency in either the liner or the chimney structure could be a potential fire starter, or could allow carbon monoxide into the habitable space within the home. It is now required that any traditional flues being used as vents for these appliances be fitted with continuous metal flue liners to ensure that no noxious gases can find their way into the home. Compliments of InterNachi

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